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The Need

Over 2 billion people worldwide live with no access to electricity.

The use of ad-hoc alternatives is not working and millions are losing their lives because of ineffective solutions to light their homes, cook their meals, and run their medical clinics.

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The Plan

The technology exists to fix the world electricity crisis.

Simply scaling the same technologies we use in the world’s richest nations can solve the problems in the poorest.

Open source design, strategic delivery and training of local entrepenuers is the answer.

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The Tools

CSI is bringing the best and brightest minds from across all disciplines of engineering to build the tools necessary to deliver sustainable energy solutions to developing communities.

Wind, solar, Stirling engines and human powered generation options.

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Who we are

The Community Solutions Initiative (CSI) is a not-for-profit member group of the IEEE Power & Energy Society. CSI is committed to the open-source design and eventual delivery of energy solutions to the world’s poorest and most energy-deprived populations.

CSI members are all volunteers, dedicated professionals who sense a unique opportunity in history to help eradicate global poverty. We all work pro-bono and our only expenses paid by IEEE are for a collaboration website. Many are practicing engineers; some are educators, professors, managers, business owners, members of boards, doctors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and heads of NGOs with experience in developing countries.

CSI is always looking for the best and brighest to join in this project to impact the world.

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