Monthly Archives: January 2011

Building Fiber Glass Blades

This report belongs to the same Department of International Development UK project in Sri Lanka.  But, it specifically addresses the fabrication of fiber glass blades.  This may be applicable if there is a wind-rich area where a local entrepreneur(s) wants to expand the business to multiple charging stations.  There may be a business case for hand building a mold and import fiber glass materials.  The blades will be lighter and stronger than that made of wood.  If we are building larger diameter turbine, say 12-15 feet for better cost-effectiveness, this may be a good choice.

Small Wind System for Battery Charging

This is a report by Department of International Development UK describing  real world applications of small wind turbine electric generation in Sri Lanka and Peru published in 2001.  Hugh Piggott is one of the authors.   It makes the case for a locally produced system for the same reasons we are heading toward that direction.   Particularly interesting is the real world power production, site selection, cost and economics, etc.  It even attempted to establish a business case for sustainable battery charging business.  These may be useful information when we pick our pilot project site.