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Attached is a presentation by Paul Lacourciere who developed the on-the-ground business model that we are using for Haiti.

Also two new important sources of info just came up. One is a web article in the IEEE Power and Energy Society online newsletter; the second is a Youtube clip just posted by Michelle Lacourciere who heads Sirona Cares Foundation, and through whom we have found such enthusiastic business partners in Haiti. There is a ton more information on their total program on the Sirona Cares website.

The links are:

Sirona CSI Haiti Plan  – (Jan 30 2011) Paul Lacourciere

Sirona-Haiti Solar Electricity Project Status_(Jan 30 2011) Ray Larsen

Economist article on energy in developing nations

Although a bit dated, the Sept 2, 2010 Economist article: “Energy in the developing world” reinforces the messages of Community Solutions Initiative.

The article stated that lighting for a rural home, through low cost LEDs, is less than $25.  The prototype LED flashlights we have built are quite inexpensive, less than $5 for a 4 LED flashlight – $3 for batteries and less that $2 for parts.

Light Cycle version 2 built

This last week my dad, Michael Dauenhauer and I built the second version of the light cycle.  We now have it installed at the IncSys office.

We based it off of the original design by Brian Waldron (a Gonzaga University student) and Dr. Robin Podmore.  We stuck mostly to the plans but have added a few improvements.

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