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Phase 1 Report – Community Entrepreneur Based Electricity Generation in Rural Haiti


The Community Solutions Initiative (CSI) of the Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and The Sirona Cares Foundation (SCF) developed the Sunblazer Solar Battery Charging Station and a sustainable business model to support the long term operation of these stations. In technical and business planning since late 2009, the project’s first construction funds were received in November 2010; by July 4, 2011 six 1.5 kW generators were deployed to local business owners in rural Haiti each with the maximum complement of customers signed up. This is designed as a commercial endeavor that can be supported with debt and equity investment rather than on-going charity. Startup funding is being raised through charitable contributions, but unlike typical charitable contributions, the funds are put to work generating sustainable income for the unit operators and revenue for maintenance and support on an ongoing, rather than one-off, basis.

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IEEE- CSI Sirona- Haiti Etienne Deployment


Operators were training on 6/22 and got hands-on training 6/23


Mid Afternoon this first installation began with towing the trailer to the site which was 45 minutes away high up a mountain to the Southeast of Grand Goave.  The terrain is verdant but rugged and customer access is mostly by steep trails.

Once there, the operators’ team cleaned the site, pointed the trailer to the south, unpacked the unit and deployed the solar panels.  The process took a total of 2 hours with oversight from the CSI-Sirona team


Deployment went very smoothly and finished at dark.  Questions were answered until the operators felt confident.

All 40 home units are committed and by the next day 17 had been picked up.


Presentation: CSI-Sirona Deploy St Etienne