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Power Africa Presentations and Videos

All the videos listed below were captured during the Power Africa 2012 Conference.  They are listed in chronological order and include the group discussion at the end of the presentations, if there were any.  All comments are welcome.

Three notes:

  1. Set quality to HD on the video for maximum clarity and use the FULL SCREEN button on the bottom right of the youtube window.
  2. Download and follow along on the presentations which are listed above the video link.
  3. To load the full playlist up in YouTube go to:

Here are videos:

  1. Introductions: [youtube=]
  2. Noel Shultz – Introductory Remarks PES NSchulz [youtube=]
  3. Ray Larsen – CSI Background & SunBlazer Technical Status R1 [youtube=]
  4. Henry Louie – Brief Background of CSI Ancillary Products [youtube=]
  5. Michelle Lacourciere – Setting the Stage Partnership Development [youtube=]
  6. Paul Lacourciere- Rural Electricity Franchises, Business Plan Development & Pilot Projects [youtube=]
  7. Daniel Wessner- Education from, with, and for the whole & Multinational NGOs as partners of praxis
    1. part 1 of 2: [youtube=]
    2. part 2 of 2: [youtube=]
  8. Michelle Lacourciere- Creating Synergies [youtube=]
  9. Paul Lacourciere – Business Plan Example [youtube=]
  10. Paul Lacourciere – Sirona Haiti in Country Manufacturing [youtube=]
  11. Martin Niboh- Torchbearer Introduction [youtube=]
  12. Michael Wilson – Village Microgrid in Cameroon [youtube=]
  13. Ron Moulton – Village Help in South Sudan [youtube=]
  14. Mou Riiny –Engineering a Brighter Sudan [youtube=]
  15. Ray Larsen – Partnership Plan r2 [youtube=]
  16. Patrick Lee – CSI Partnership Discussion [youtube=]
  17. Peter Dauenhauer- Malawi Renewable Energy Acceleration Programme (MREAP) [youtube=–SmIo&w=400]
  18. Henry Louie & Peter Dauenhauer- Recent Field Experience in Zambia [youtube=]
  19. Ifeanyi B. Orajaka- Green Village Electricity Project [youtube=]

Power Africa Conference 2012 Summary

Many thanks to all participants at the IEEE Power Africa 2012 in Johannesburg South Africa.

Community Solutions Initiative was grateful for all the support and interest by all participants.

Here is the report from Ray Larsen on the accomplishments from the CSI Special Session at Power Africa:

1. We have a firm partnership development plan with 3 new highly motivated
NGOs, in Nigeria, Cameroon and South Sudan.

2. With Dan Wessner’s tutoring on the sustainability theme of “Incubate,
Demonstrate and Educate” we gained a rich new understanding of the holistic
integration needed to achieve sustainable community e

3. This greatly clarifies the roles of CSI, For-Profits and NGOs in moving
forward together to the over-arching goal.

4. Patrick Lee with Pat Ryan filled an important role in identifying the
management structures needed, possible options and staff support needs.

5. Today the four NGOs agreed to work in close partnership as the “SunBlazer
Manufacturers and Users Group” to take advantage of the Sirona-Haiti
experience to fast-track their new startups.

6. Paul and Michelle led discussions to identify the major steps forward to
be captured in the business plans.

7. All NGOs gave excellent reports on their situations, partners and
proposed steps forward.

8. The clarity of a vision for not just these three countries but for all of
Africa has grown enormously and the NGO’s collaborative strengths will give
the combined CSI-NGO enterprise momentum and growing credibility for
community engagement and funding support.

9. The pressure is now on CSI to get key subcommittee structures in place to
evaluate new proposals and to raise the required funding as efficiently as

10. We discussed the need to form our own data repository to share valuable
lessons learned as well as guidance for new NGO partners from the
Sirona-Haiti experience.

Below is a list of CSI Session Summary Documents: