IEEE Smart Village provides renewable-energy solutions and necessary funding to local entrepreneurs to build electricity companies, assists the partners in establishing a sustainable business plan and delivers ongoing training.

Local people in the world’s poorest and most energy-deprived communities build local electricity companies that utilize local renewable resources to deliver local solutions at no additional cost to local buyers. Each partner company becomes a profit-making entity ultimately owned by its community. The entire community participates in the success of the local electricity business, and profits are reinvested in community empowerment through economic development and learning.

Part of the construction crew installing solar power in Nigeria

To date, IEEE Smart Village has achieved considerable success with projects in Cameroon, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, South Sudan, Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Uttar Pradesh, India and Ladakh India. Potential NGO partners have been identified in Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and future implementations are planned in more countries.

Now, a major fundraising initiative is underway to help enable IEEE Smart Village to:

  • Scale up the promising pilot efforts in targeted countries around the world
  • Promote the pilot efforts widely across the global IEEE network of members, students and universities
  • Convene government leaders and other stakeholders to accelerate adoption of the IEEE Smart Village system and other proven approaches

Empower entrepreneurs around the globe to permanently improve the environment, the economy and the lives of millions. Please support IEEE Smart Village today.