CSI Program Manager travels to Cameroon

Michael Wilson - Jude Numfor - Sabongari Cameroon August 31 2013
Mini-Grid distribution above the village of Sabongari Cameroon

Mike Wilson, CSI program manager, recently visited sites in Cameroon, Africa. He met with project managers and mini-grid operators who voiced concerns ranging from lightning strikes, that were damaging expensive equipment, to how to educate customers on how to maintain charging frequencies.

Pictured are Mike Wilson and Jude Numfor, who are standing in front of the solar generation panels which feeds into a mini-grid system in Sabongari, Cameroon (pictured on right).

A discussion on how to protect PV arrays and mini-grid hardware from lightning strikes will be discussed at the CSI workshop, pre-GHTC conference event next month (event information can be found at http://www.ieeeghtc.org/)