Get Involved

Find out how you can engage in IEEE Smart Village to bring power, access to education and participation in the global economy to remote energy-deprived communities.

Whether you are an individual interested in making a difference or an organization that shares our mission, there are several ways to get involved with IEEE Smart Village’s work:

  • Donate – To accomplish our mission, IEEE Smart Village depends on the financial generosity of foundations, corporations and individual donors.
  • Volunteer  – IEEE Smart Village seeks volunteers to help with organizational design and expansion of the program, participate in working groups dedicated to solving hardware and software challenges and assist with implementation in the field.
  • Sponsor – There are several ways to get involved as a sponsor, click here to learn which sponsorship opportunity is right for you.
  • Partner – IEEE Smart Village seeks community and foundation partners committed to raising capital to expand the micro-utility program to further enhance village commerce, entrepreneurship and educational opportunities, as well as to improve health and sanitation conditions.
Fareed Khan wiring and installing the light sockets in a monk’s bedroom at Lingshed monastery.