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Power a Village, Empower Community.

Get a glimpse into IEEE Smart Village‘s work to impact 50 million people by 2025.


IEEE Smart Village – Empowering Off-Grid Communities

Watch this video for an introduction to our program and more.

Want to better understand why you should donate to our program? This video provides all the answers. We appreciate your support!

We need volunteers! This video offers details on how you can volunteer for IEEE Smart Village and other ways to get involved.

IEEE Smart Village is more than providing solar power solutions to off-grid communities. We also provide an education program. This video explains how it works…

One way to volunteer is to join our Ambassador Program. Discover more details by watching this video.

Potential NGO partners will be thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance. Criterion for selection into the IEEE Smart Village program is currently under development. Suffice it to say IEEE Smart Village will engage with well-established organizations that have a proven track record of successful humanitarian project implementation in their country of operation, a high degree of transparency and accountability, and have the resources to provide their share of program needs, both operationally and financially. Watch this video for more info.