IEEE Smart Village seeks in-country partners who can execute the program from a successful pilot stage, which IEEE supports with the following:

  • Donation of sustainable and innovative electrical systems to be matched by the startup
  • Standard franchise business model and operating procedures
  • Central Global Classroom, online delivery system and education products
  • Standard manuals and basic training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Professional pro-bono support of all products during the startup phase

IEEE Smart Village partners establish a relationship with off-grid communities and then recruit potential local entrepreneurs in town meetings, who, in turn, conduct community-feasibility surveys for both electricity and Learning Beyond the Light Bulb initiatives.

The partner then endeavors to raise funds to, at minimum, match the IEEE investment, so that the community-owned and -operated micro-utilities can be launched in multiple villages across a region.

Pranav Mehrota (left), IEEE Smart Village volunteer, assisting with solar panels and the local energy entrepreneur. Date: 2013. Location: Ladakh, India. Photo by: Paras Loomba. Paul Lacourciere with Sirona Cares introducing proper use of the portable battery kit to the energy entrepreneurs. Date: 2015. Location: Haiti. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

Do you represent a foundation or NGO that would like to support IEEE Smart Village?

A “NGO Partner” may be in one of the following forms:

  • A dedicated and recognized non-profit humanitarian organization
  • A for-profit social enterprise with a clearly defined net revenue reinvestment into humanitarian initiatives

Potential NGO partners will be thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance. Criterion for selection into the IEEE Smart Village program is currently under development. Suffice it to say IEEE Smart Village will engage with well-established organizations that have a proven track record of successful humanitarian project implementation in their country of operation, a high degree of transparency and accountability, and have the resources to provide their share of program needs, both operationally and financially.

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