Master of Development Practice

Through our partnership with Regis University in Denver, Colorado, the Master of Development Practice (MDP) equips leaders for integrated approaches to lasting development solutions and cultivates advanced learning and service in development vocations.

RU-logo-official_revRegis University responds with a collaborative, integrated and affordable MDP. It partners near and far to meet this challenge. IEEE Smart Village Scholarships are available to IEEE members and students whose MDP studies and in-country work support IEEE Smart Village’s commitment to local ownership and knowledge of basic development goods and services such as power generation, clean water and sanitation.


In addition, IEEE sponsors the Global Classroom at the Posner Center for International Development. This first-of-its-kind development consortium builds a community of innovators seeking lasting solutions to global poverty. Moreover, this MDP calls upon all five Regis University colleges and a host of practitioners, professors, and leaders from across Colorado and the world. It examines development through case studies and a score of disciplines. It perfects the use of the Blue Jeans Network via the IEEE Global Classroom so that students anywhere may pursue an MDP without leaving their work and service in community development.

The MDP deliverable: community-engaged knowledge, narratives, research, strategies, assessment and case studies of lasting solutions to development challenges and opportunities.

Completion of the Graduate Certificate requires 12 semester hours, which is an eight-month commitment of Monday night classes online or at the Posner Center IEEE Global Classroom. To earn the full MDP, students complete another 30 semester hours over two years’ time. For a detailed timeline that illustrates the core requirements of these programs, click here.

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