SunBlazer II

SunBlazer II, the IEEE Smart Village flagship product, is a modular, easy-to-install PV solar-based community charging station.

The mobile 1.5kW unit is highly adaptable and includes rechargeable battery packs and home lighting kits with an auxiliary outlet for other DC-powered devices. Each kit lights two rooms and operates auxiliary 12V DC loads. Each station can charge 80 battery packs every three to four days, to serve an estimated 500 people. The generator also accepts AC backup input from a wind turbine or small diesel generator and is configurable to other load options such as schools, churches, community centers, clinics, coolers, small businesses and Internet connectivity.

The back of a SunBlazer II unit, which can recharge 20 portable battery kits at one time. Date: 2015. Location: Cameroon. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

SunBlazer Ray Install Team
A SunBlazer I unit on a trailer, fully installed. Ray Larsen, IEEE Smart Village co-founder, and Paul Lacourciere, IEEE Smart Village volunteer, stand nearby. Date: 2012. Location: Haiti.

A portable battery pack that contains an 18-hour charge providing light for several days. Date: 2015. Location: Haiti. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

The unit is designed to work with a franchise-type business model, where it is leased to operators and monitored and maintained by trained personnel.

The benefits of SunBlazer II include:

  • Simplicity of operation
  • Immediate deployment with no infrastructure at the site
  • High reliability
  • High light output suitable for a family
  • Proven affordability at lower cost than kerosene and candles
  • High pride of ownership by both operators and customers