Vocational Training

Enabling Systematic Vocational Training

IEEE Smart Village uses a systematic approach for vocational training on electricity applications as it divides a process into simple tasks and eliminates any nonessential content, allowing entrepreneurs to quickly absorb and competently introduce business offerings to their local customers. Local jobs are created. Family businesses are fueled. Income is increased at various levels throughout the community.

Vocational Training
Energy entrepreneurs with the portable battery kit. Date: 2013. Location: Haiti. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

SunBlazer Setup Village
Villagers eagerly look on as the first SunBlazer is setup in their community. Date; 2013. Location: Haiti. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

Systematic Approach


Sharing best practices and enabling systematic vocational training is in keeping with IEEE Smart Village’s commitment to Learning Beyond the Light Bulb, a concept that nurtures the initial incubation of equipment and ideas through education and has the ability to transform the most marginalized and devastated places on earth.

IEEE Smart Village’s education component is established, robust and recognized as vital to delivering long-lasting, transformative solutions. To learn more, click here.