Global Partners

Global Himalayan Expedition

Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE) is an initiative that focuses on providing clean energy and education access to remote off-grid communities across the Himalayan ranges of north India. GHE’s objective is to implement technological solutions in a sustainable, scalable, and environmentally beneficial manner, leading to an overall development of the community while empowering the local village population. GHE conducts leadership expeditions that includes an international cast of volunteers, including IEEE members, who help setup IEEE seed-funded solar-powered microgrids as social community enterprises, all located above 13,000 feet.

Green Village Electricity Foundation

Green Village Electricity Foundation partners with corporate bodies, international non-profit organizations, multinationals and government agencies to provide affordable but reliable off-grid solar/wind hybrid electricity systems to remote settlements in Nigeria that are not connected the nation’s electricity grid.

SunBlazer Setup
Energy entrepreneurs installing a SunBlazer II. Date: 2013. Location: Cameroon. Photo by: Mike Wilson.

Recently charged up battery kits being carried by community members back to their homes. Date: 2013. Location: Haiti. Photo by: Ray Larsen.

Regis University & Posner Center for International Development

Regis University responds with a collaborative, integrated and affordable Master of Development Practice. It partners near and far to meet this challenge. IEEE Smart Village Scholarships are available to IEEE members and students whose MDP studies and in-country work support IEEE Smart Village’s commitment to local ownership and knowledge of basic development goods and services such as power generation, clean water and sanitation.

The Torchbearer Foundation

The Torchbearer Foundation’s goal is to improve life in Africa. Their method: Gather groups of the impoverished, disenfranchised and vulnerable believers, who through a grassroots movement, solve neighborhood and community problems.

Sirona Cares Foundation

Sirona Cares Foundation has worked for years on developing sustainable businesses in Haiti based upon alternative energy. The goal has always been to move from charity to self-sustaining programs that are Haitian-run enterprises. They have successfully worked in both biofuel and solar, and are now turning their experience into opportunity for small-scale entrepreneurs in Leogane, Haiti.

Village Help for South Sudan

Village Help for South Sudan provides development program management and coordinate village mobilization to enable villagers to do their own development work. Their projects deliver water, schools, teacher and student support, economic opportunity, appropriate technology and sanitation solutions to underserved communities in South Sudan.

Do you represent a foundation or NGO that would like to support IEEE Smart Village?

A “NGO Partner” may be in one of the following forms:

  • A dedicated and recognized non-profit humanitarian organization
  • A for-profit social enterprise with a clearly defined net revenue reinvestment into humanitarian initiatives

Potential NGO partners will be thoroughly vetted prior to acceptance. Criterion for selection into the IEEE Smart Village program is currently under development. Suffice it to say IEEE Smart Village will engage with well-established organizations that have a proven track record of successful humanitarian project implementation in their country of operation, a high degree of transparency and accountability, and have the resources to provide their share of program needs, both operationally and financially.

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